Trampoline Shapes From Trampoline Fanatics

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We’re sure that many of you enjoyed playing with a trampoline during your childhood days and want your children to experience the same. Choosing a trampoline is as simple as pie but with all the different choices that you have, the whole thing becomes overwhelming. A lot of factors go into finding the ideal one, so online guides are extremely welcome at this point; a trustworthy and helpful guide comes from Trampoline Fanatics website.

Different Trampoline Shapes

By this point, we’re sure that you’ve already decided on the kind of trampoline that works for you. The next factor to consider is the shape of the trampoline. Trampolines have various shapes and properties, depending on the intended height of jumping and frequency of bouncing.

  • Round – these are the traditional trampoline shape and they’re, without a doubt, the most commonly purchased and famous trampoline shape for home usage. Because of the circular shape, the potential of the bounces are limited for any single jump especially when you compare them to rectangular shaped trampolines. Despite that, they’re more than capable of offering sufficient jump height for the kids’ entertainment.
  • Rectangle – rectangular shapes are almost exclusive to only gym or Olympic trampolines and are used by the professionals. The rectangle shape naturally provides the optimal height possible per square feet. Rectangular trampolines lets the user jump considerably higher compared to the circular ones of the exact same size.

  • Square – square trampolines can be considered as the middle ground between the circular and rectangular trampolines. These trampolines provide a bit more height than the circular ones but not really reaching the height potential of the rectangular trampolines. But do take note that square trampolines are uncommon and can come at a more hefty price than that of a round trampoline.