Tony Iaccarino Appointed Policy and Projects Director

Tony Iaccarino has been appointed to the newly-created position of Policy and Projects Director for Healthy Democracy.  Iaccarino comes to Healthy Democracy from the City Club of Portland, where he served as the Club’s Research and Policy Director.

“Tony brings a wealth of talent and experience to this organization,” said Tyrone Reitman, Executive Director, Healthy Democracy.  “We’re very excited to have him on-board.”

Iaccarino is a founding board member of We Make the Media, a non-profit which seeks to establish an online investigative news organization for the Portland metro region; and he serves as a board member for the Media Institute for Social Change, a Portland-based educational nonprofit that provides training and mentoring to college students seeking careers in journalism.  Iaccarino has also led efforts to identify measurable civic engagement indicators for the Portland metro region.

Iaccarino taught American history at Reed College, helped develop an innovative “great books” course for low-income adults experiencing poverty, homelessness, and addiction, and authored numerous essays and book reviews on the history and legacy of Jeffersonian Democracy.  Iaccarino has a Bachelors degree in history from U.C. Berkeley and a doctoral degree in American history from U.C.L.A.

When he’s not working to build civic infrastructure, he enjoys simpler pursuits: spending time with his wife and two kids, hiking and fishing in the Pacific Northwest, and keeping his family’s Italian culinary tradition alive.