Tips for Choosing Jewelry for Your Wedding

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We always want to break the so-called “rules” when it comes to style. However, that does not mean there are no tips that are tried and true to help you look great. This includes your jewelry for your wedding day. Choosing a shoulder necklace that best complements your dress can be hard. So, continue reading if you need some tips when it comes to gown accessorizing.

Do Not Overdo It

This is the first rule for selecting jewelry for your wedding. You do not want to risk allowing your jewelry to outshine you, even though it is really tempting to have a lot of bling and baubles. Keep in mind, less is more. That will be your mantra. Rather than accessorizing each of your body parts, stick with several key pieces instead.

Match Your Jewelry to Your Gown

It is really hard to choose between gold or silver jewelry. So, to make things easy, let the color of your dress guides your decision. A white gown looks a lot more alluring if you wear silver or platinum jewelry. Gold jewelry will best complement if your gown is ivory. It will boost the creamy color. Gold jewelry also looks good if your gown is champagne. However, burnished silver with rhinestones looks better if you are wearing a gown that is antique-inspired. Try rose gold jewelry if your gown is blush. It will complement with the color of your gown.

Do Not Get Overwhelmed

Concentrate on your search if you find it more difficult choosing jewelry than choosing a gown. If you find something that you really like, choose it. If you still don’t know what to choose. You could always pick diamond or pearl studs. They are classic. Just make sure that you do not purchase them as a set.