The Perfect Monitor for Your 144Hz Gaming Experience

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Searching for the perfect monitor can be a daunting task; aside from the sheer number of choices you have there, the ‘best’ of any product is heavily based on your personal preference. As for the gaming monitor, you want need to take into account what kind of monitor you want, your budget and certain specifications that you want it to have. We’re here to recommend a great monitor for people seeking a thin bezel monitor 144Hz.

Asus ROG Swift PG278Q

The ROG Swift PG278Q from Asus, which we know is an amazing manufacturer of monitors and other electronics, is not frameless like others but a feature that you’ll love about it is the sub 5 mm bezels on three sides of the monitor. It comes with a TN panel but not like other TN offerings with poor quality and the AU Optronics unit included provides consistent contrast levels and colors; the AU Optronics narrows the gaps within the IPS capabilities. All of these small factors comes together to create a monitor with outstanding 144Hz refresh rate, 3ms+ input lag time and G-sync. Serious and dedicated gamers can trust the ROG Swift PG278Q in enhancing the entire game and entertainment experience.

Ultra-thin bezels that the monitor features share a low-profile graphite black finish, against the crystal clear screen you won’t even notice what little bezel is left. Asus has designed the ROG Swift PG278Q to lean towards the needs of gamers by including game-centric features like genre-based presets and GamePlus overlays. The monitor also has a Low Blue Light mode and Flicker-Free technology that maintains a user’s visual health; what these modes basically do is remove all the key points that cause eye stress so your eyes would last longer without tiring or hurting.