Technology and its importance

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In case If you want to understand the importance of technology in our daily lives. Firstly you should know what the term ‘technology’ really means. It refers to the use of tools, gadgets and resources to help us adapt to the changing environment. Technology refers to utilizing tools in such a way that they help us in solving bigger problems and make our lives easier. On one hand its positive impacts are numerous but on the other its powers are also increased. Technology is also used to make destructive weapons. Technology was made to make our lives more convenient not stressful.

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Technology has helped the mankind in a lot ways but it also has increased the problems. From children to teenagers all are trapped in the technology. They don’t even know what is happening in their surroundings. Nowadays children are using mobile a lot which is leading in the degradation of their academic performance. It also weakens their eyes and reduces their concentration on studies.

One of the area in which technology is very helpful is health industry. Modern techniques and equipments have improved the quality of treatment. As Health issues are increasing day by day, the survival chances are also increasing. Technology has also helped doctors to discover new health problems at initial stage which can be cured easily.

Technology has also made communication all around the world easier. This is only possible due to the invention of internet which has converted the world into a global village.

Another important aspect of technology is that it has made travelling very easy. After the invention of trains, automobiles and planes travelling has been a lot easier. Also storing information has also been easier. You can store a lot of data in a small thing as small as your figure.

There are many things to know about technology which cannot be described in few words. To know more about technology click here. Debate on advantages and disadvantages of technology can never end.