Steps to Clean Up Your Credit Report

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Winter is coming and you cannot disagree with it. Now is the great time to take a look at your credit score and credit report to find out where you stand as the year ends.

There are a lot of sites, such as, that give tips on how to clean up your credit report. You can follow these steps if you are not happy with the present financial status you have and want to change it.

Have a Copy of the Credit Report

You should know first what information the creditors are going to report to the credit report agencies in order to enhance your financial status. You could find this out by ordering copies of your credit report. Usually, you’re allowed to have 1 free credit report every 12 months from any national credit reporting agencies. Try to order 1 of the free credit report every 4 months in order to monitor regularly your credit report. Also, you could get your credit score from every agency if you pay a small amount of money.

Examine carefully once you have had a copy of the credit report. Check for any mistakes that can possibly harm your credit score.

Fix any Outdated Information and Inaccuracies

You could file either an online or mail dispute with the agency that reported it if you see an error in the credit report. The agency would investigate the problem within 1 month once your dispute is sent. They would notify you of the result after the investigation’s conclusion.

Take detailed records that have the name of the individuals you spoke and the conversation dates when you start communicating a lender or an agency. Make sure you confirm that the change has been done if you’re told that the error would be fixed.