Some Key Properties Of A Grinding Media In Ball Mills

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One of the most common kinds of tools used in the manufacturing industry would have to be ball mills. This is because this is one of the most reliable equipment you can use to grind materials into smaller bits, sort out impurities, and for these to be refined for future use and/or application. This is the reason why companies always look for a ball mill manufacturer. One of the materials most important in a Ball Mill are the grinding media. What are its key properties? Let’s find out below.


The smaller the particles of the media, then the smaller the size of the final product to be refined or processed in the ball mill. This would also apply in a reverse principle, where a larger grinding medium would most definitely be the cause of a finished product with greater particle sizes. More often than not, it would be easy for you to get the grinding media of your choice.


In order for the finished product to actually be as fine and well-processed as hoped for, then you should also put consideration into the density of the grinding medium. Having said that, the media should always be of greater density compared to the material which is to be ground or processed. This is because problems would most definitely arise whenever the media used for grinding would float on the ground material, making the process one which is a failure.


Durability is one of the key considerations when you choose a grinding medium. It is not necessary that the grinding medium that you use is the hardest one that you find. It should, ideally be one which is not as hard or as solid in such a way that the main tumbler would be worn out.