Selecting The Best Subwoofer

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You have to ask yourself what kind of bass you are looking for when selecting a car subwoofer. The best car subwoofer is not always the largest. Various sizes of subwoofers produce and respond various sounds from different music. The key here is to find one that fits your preferences. Here are some sizes of subwoofers and the type of sound they produce.

8-inch Subwoofer

A small woofer has faster response time than bigger ones. This type of woofer could keep up with fast-pace music such as double bass, heavy rock, and even fast-pace electronic music. It is a good option for people who enjoy a light and soft bass. This type of subwoofer complements the system instead of overwhelming it. This may not the best option for you if you want a very loud and heavy bass.

10-inch Subwoofer

These are very popular subwoofers. They are the safest and most well-rounded option for subwoofers on the market. This type of subwoofer could keep up with fast-pace music while making a good amount of bass. They’re great for fast-pace music and also great with music that has heavier bass. However, you might have to pick one bigger than a 10-inch subwoofer to get the sound you want if you are looking for bigger bass.

12-inch Subwoofer

This is for you if you listen to a huge variety of music but likes heavy bass. Today, a 12-inch subwoofer is the most common in the market. The reason for this is because they’re very universal. They are good for fairly almost every type of music, cover deeper frequency range, and produce a heavy bass. They will not keep up with fast-pace music like metal or heavy rock. However, it would sound good from all selections of music, especially pop, club, and rap.