Ideal Sports Blog for Your Favorite NFL Team

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Apart from keeping a constant eye on sports news to get the latest scoop on your NFL team, why not go for a sports blog that mostly focuses on that said NFL team? There’s nothing wrong with the news, but there are a lot of other sports included that you’re simply not interested in; it is, after all, general sports news. Numerous fan blogs publish news, articles and game results from the perspective of a fan. Even if you won’t agree with the writer a few times, it’s still nice to know the opinion of another fan. Below are a couple of famous blog:

  1. Raising Zona – the lead writer is Scott Allen and they solely cover the Arizona Cardinals. Besides covering news related to the Arizona Cardinals, they also offer honest commentary on al featured topics.
  2. Blogging Dirty – if you’re searching for a sports blog dedicated to the Atlanta Falcons, then this blog is just what you need. The people behind the posts and commentary are Adam Hall, Greg Huseth, Jamie Kelly, Ian Borders and Scott Wilson; they do an outstanding job covering the Atlanta Falcons from every possible angle.
  3. For Those Who Bleed Purple – a sports blog solely focused on any new relevant with the Baltimore Ravens, they are the best blog because of the coverage and their ability to handle all the difficult questions.
  4. Buffalo Low Down – known as the best blog for the Buffalo Bills, this blog offers daily updates offers daily fresh content and materials for readers. The team itself may have gradually decreased, the coverage of their favorite team is still at an all time high.
  5. Cat Crave – despite all the changes in Carolina this season, Cat Crave still provides regular coverage of the Panthers; the blog mostly contains fantasy updates, injury updates and recaps.