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If you ever find yourself pulled up by authorities because you’re driving under the influence, well it will trigger a whole roller coaster of emotions from anxiety to stress and a whole lot of confusion. Cases like these can escalate real quick due to numerous factors so be sure to hire one of the best Orlando DUI lawyers in case things go south.

What You Need to Know

In case these is the your first ever offense with regards to DUI, you looking into 6 months of jail, a 6 to 12 months probation under supervision, a fine of $500 to $1000, DUI School, session under the Victim Impact Panel, a suspension of your driver’s license and 50 hours of community service; no one wants to go through these altogether.

If the person’s BAC is higher than .15% or it was discovered that a minor was in the vehicle then the overall fines and related penalties will be higher or longer; in some cases, ignition interlocks are required. If this case will be your second conviction, the penalties and fines are on a whole new level; one year ignition interlock, fines beginning at $1,000, level 2 DUI school alongside treatment, a minimum of 1 year in jail and a 30-day vehicle impound.

Take note, if the an offense is repeated just within 5 years of the last conviction then the authorities will require 10 days in jail as well as a 5 year driver’s license suspension. You don’t need us to tell you that the punishment for the fourth and the fifth conviction are serious. If another person gets killed or even injured mainly due to the DUI then the case will be ranked up to felony and will involve a considerable prison sentence.