Fake Doctor Notes – How To Make Them Look Real?

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We cannot deny that the era of using fake doctor notes for taking extra leaves from school, collage and offices is increasing day by day. If you need an extra holiday in a month then these fake doctor slips are the best way to do that. Firstly it seems a bit unfair to use them but if bosses stop asking for a proof for a holiday then employee won’t have to use the fake ones. It doesn’t mean that the boss has some personal venom against a particular employee. It is his duty to check that why the employees are taking extra holidays.

Something more

If a person is really ill then they have to go see a doctor and get a slip. This seems simple and logical but the reality is different. Many hospitals do not allow a patient enter the hospital who is suffering from a flu. They say you’ll vitiate the entire hospital and the patients this will harden their recovery. So it is very difficult for them to prove to their bosses that they are really sick. So they have to purchase a fake doctor slip. You can also get fake doctors note template in this website but still you must learn the art of making them look real.

How to make fake doctor slips looks real

  • First of all you need to know that’s the details of the doctor, all his contact information should be on that slip. It makes it look original.
  • Date and time of the day when you saw the doctor should be visible on that slip. You should also make sure that it’s the same day you took a leave from your office.
  • Name of the patient should also be on that slip. If you have seen any doctor your name should be on that note.
  • Most important point is limitations. There should be some limitations written on it for next few days it makes it look more real.

So if you have decided to buy a fake doctor slip these are the main key points that you should see before giving it to your boss in the office.