Review: Instagram vs Pinterest

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Social Networking: Instagram vs Pinterest

Social media marketing has become more powerful than ever. More users are now opting for visual marketing compared to text-based marketing. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this can be attributed to the popularity of Instagram and Pinterest.

These two social sites are popularly known as platforms where one can share images and videos. Many brands are undecided on which platform is better when it comes to marketing. Apart from sharing pictures these two websites are quite different. You might be wondering between Instagram and Pinterest which is more suited for your business. Before you continue: Visit our homepage and learn how to get real followers on Instagram! Here some distinct differences between the two platforms.

Review: Instagram vs Pinterest


Instagram has over 200 million users compared to Pinterest’s 70 million users. Pinterest however has a more female user base compared to Instagram. Pinterest released statics that 68% of its users are female whereas Instagram has a balance of the genders.

Instagram attracts users within the age bracket of 18 – 36 years. Pinterest attracts users from varying age brackets. Instagram has more active users compared to Pinterest. The user demographics can be used in helping you select between the two platforms.


Instagram mainly promotes the use of original pictures whereas Pinterest does not heavily emphasize on the use of original content. You can pin content from outside websites and also use images from Pinterest on outside websites. Instagram recently enabled a picture API that website owners can use on their own website. Your images will play an vital role in which platform you will use.

Link Building

Sharing your images URLs on other platforms is vital in increasing your web presence. Instagram which was acquired by Facebook offers the capabilities of sharing images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Pinterest users can post their images on various websites that support pinning of images. You can assess which websites you will be posting images and select the most suitable platform.