Citizens' Initiative Review to evaluate Ballot Measures 82 and 85

The two panels of 24 randomly selected and demographically balanced voters will hear arguments for and against the measures and call upon subject-area experts during the five-day public review. The panels will review Ballot Measures 82 and 85. Measure 85 proposes allocating revenue from corporate income and excise tax “kicker” refunds to the general fund for K-12 public education. Measure 82 amends the state constitution to authorize privately owned casinos.

Designed to be fair and in-depth, the review process will culminate with the production of a Citizens’ Statement detailing the key findings of the CIR panel.  The Citizens’ Statement will be included in the statewide Voters Pamphlet that is mailed to every voter prior to the election.

The review of Measure 85 will take place from August 6-10 in Salem at the Salem Convention Center, and Measure 82 from August 20-24, at the Doubletree Hotel in Portland.  Both evaluations will be open to the public.