Measures selected for August 2012 Citizens' Initiative Reviews

Oregon’s state-appointed Citizens’ Initiative Review Commission (CIRC) has selected two measures for review prior to the November election.

Initiative Petition 35 proposes allocating corporate income/excise “kicker” refunds to fund kindergarten through 12th-grade public education. Initiative Petition 36 would allow establishment of privately owned casinos. The review of IP 36 will include an examination of IP 38, a related statutory measure that would allocate a percentage of casino revenue to a state fund.

Healthy Democracy will be convening the two Citizens' Initiative Reviews this August, on behalf of the CIR Commission. In each review, a panel of 24 randomly-selected and demographically-balanced voters is brought together from across the state to fairly evaluate a ballot measure. At the conclusion of each Review, the panel drafts a Citizens’ Statement, which is published as a prominent page in the State voter’s guide.

Read the Commission’s press release here.