Better Online Marketing Through Social Media Companies

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Unlike before, people have turned to new ways of online marketing and the more traditional ways have declined in popularity. A social media company, like marketing avenue is one of the best platforms in online marketing. Without a doubt, is one of the most famous social networks out there; everyone you know uses it. So why not take advantage of its fame?

Higher Leads Through Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers is a brand new strategy in attracting quality leads. It’s basically a kind of Facebook ad with a little differentiation from your regular Facebook Ad; they’re directly set up alongside your own Facebook page so going to the Ads dashboard is unnecessary. Apart from that, the ads cam be created for both online and offline businesses. Here are the main reasons why they’re more effective:

  1. All the offers are promote all over the news feed unlike being displayed on the right side of the Facebook page where the marketplace ads are usually seen.
  2. According to studies, ads placed in the new feed receive about six times more transactions and attention compared to ads located in the right side of the page.
  3. Offers can be hyper-target to be certain that Facebook users who are really interested in the brand can actually see them.
  4. Whenever users click on the displayed offer on their news feed, Facebook automatically notifies that user through email sent to their personal email address. Which means that you Offer goes beyond Facebook, even reaching personal email addresses.
  5. In case the prospect accesses their email, they’ll be able to view a link to the website.

Overall, you’ll be able to optimize the exposure found in the news feed. Your ads will be able to reach personal email addresses with a simple link.