An Efficient And Practical Wine Cooler To Consider

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There will always be a different brand or model when it comes to numerous best wine cooler reviews available online. So we highly recommend that you not only consider the top player that rarely makes a second appearance and go for a constant contender like the Sunpentown WC-20TL.

Able to hold 20 bottles on the metal shelves as long as they are standard in size, you can be sure that your wine is chilled to the ideal temperature. As for the build, it’s compact and features a square shape in order to better fit into spaces.

Features of Sunpentown WC-20TL

The handy wine cooler is basically has one zone for all your red wines. It operates on a thermoelectric motor, thus produces less vibration. It’s the perfect match for those wanting a budget-friendly and energy efficient wine cooler, not only that but it’s an ideal model for those that just want a small cooler for a humble number of red wines in your collection; if you already have a wine cooler for your reds, then the WC-20TL can be a great second cooler for the reds.

As far as the appearance goes, the wine cooler features a black cabinet and trim. The glass door is not only there for show, but it helps protect the wines from harsh sunlight thanks to the reflective properties. Meanwhile, digital controls were placed outside the cooler for added convenience; there’s even a light button. The blue LED lights can be switched on from the outside and you’ll find that the lights help pick out the wine you’d want to grab without necessarily opening the door.

Sure the shelves were meant to slide out but they’re not really designed to hold any other wine bottles aside from the standard-sized ones. For all of you out there on a budget and prefer reds then we highly recommend the Sunpentown WC-20TL.