Advantages of Hydraulics over Pneumatics

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If you’re on the lookout for means in order for your construction needs to be met, then some of the kinds of devices which you would most definitely be coming across would have to be hydraulics and pneumatics. Both of these share a lot of similarities, with the key similarity being the use of pressure in order to carry out certain functions. Both of these systems have several uses throughout several fields, and this is one which atlas copco distributor knows very well. The only major difference between these two, however, is the fact that Pneumatics makes use of pressurized air, while Hydraulics makes use of Pressurized Fluids. What are the key advantages of Hydraulics over Pneumatics? Let’s find out below.

No Supplied Energy Absorbed by Liquid

The good thing about Hydraulic systems is that it does not absorb the energy that is supplied in order to get the job done. This would give you the opportunity to exert much less energy and be able to do so much more.

Capable of Higher Loads and Forces

Having higher loads and Forces is necessary in large-scale applications, such is the case in manufacturing plants. The high capacity could be attributed to incompressibility of the fluid, which allows energy to be exerted in a manner which is more efficient. This could also be attributed to hydraulics being highly responsive.

Great for Multitasking

Its high power also comes with a high functionality. Having said that, hydraulics is one which is indeed, great for multitasking. Apart from allowing you to do the things that you ought to do, Hydraulic systems also allow you to carry out other tasks at one time. These tasks include cooling, power transmission, and of course, lubrication. This enables you to save time and be more productive.