A Personalized Christmas Theme

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If you think about it, almost every aspect in Christmas decorating involves personalization. Christmas trees are designed according to the taste of the owner, simple little trinkets that attracted the homeowner’s eyes are displayed and of course the food is cooked based on what you think is delicious. Why not go a step further and order personalised Santa stockings? Items that display personal touches, may it be your name or initial, tend to have a more special sentiment compared to common items that you easily purchase anywhere.


An online shop that strives to offer personalised items perfect for any occasions from birthdays to anniversaries and of course for the holidays. Each and every product has amazing quality, they come with personalised letters from the buyers and you can have the items delivered to any location; customers can also have the item neatly wrapped and topped with a ribbon, for an additional fee. Before anything else, you might have an inquiry that we can answer below:

  1. How long will delivery take? The people behind Personal Creations do everything they can to provide prompt delivery. But do take note that there are factors to be taken into account when process your specific order; the kind of personalisation affects the delivery date. During the checkout process, you’ll be able to see the estimated delivery date.
  2. Can I purchase using debit cards? Debit cards are an accepted form of payment. Do take note that they follow a point of sale system, thus you’re not charged until the order has been officially shipped; some customers might mistake this for double billing.
  3. Can multiple items be placed in a single gift box? Sadly, because of the uniqueness of the entire presentation and the exact measurements of the gift boxes there can only be one item per gift box, at least for now.